Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stedmans and NBX CX

One both days of the races the parking was outstanding. Plenty to go around. It was interesting to park on the second day where you were racing on the first day.

No complaints here. Indoor registration right on the course, so you could head in during your warm up. Two lines for different races. Everything seemed to go smoothly.

Heated!!! Although, later in the day the heat turned into a nasty funk. But, being one of the first ones in there it was heavenly. Maybe put some kind of fresh scents spray in there would help, because it got pretty bad. I am not sure where the other bathrooms were, if there were other bathrooms.

On both days the courses were fairly different, with some common elements between. You have to love the sand sections given that we really don't get that opportunity too much. The mulch pit was cool (wish I rode it), the tight turns, relatively long road sections, etc. It shows how much you can do with one space to create different courses.

One the first day, the 3/4s were put behind the 4s AGAIN. This makes no sense. Where do you put the faster people behind the slower people? This meant that very quickly into our first race, we were up the "blanks" of the 4s in about 1:00. While it was good passing practice, it is completely avoidable. One the second day, reason prevailed and the 3/4s were lined up first. THANK YOU!!!

Another bonus was the wide start. I can't recall having so much room.

One the first day there were two pits: one with neutral support and one without. I guess it was due to the course layout and the opportunity to only hit the neutral pits once. One the second day, only the neutral pit remained. Seemed to make sense. Bonus with the neutral support since I needed to use one of the Zipp wheels.

It was nice to have some warm drinks in the gazebo after the race. Plus assorted cookies and things for a moderate price. But, given that it was sponsored by a beer company, you would think they might have some, I don't know, beer?

No complaints here. Favorite venue and races of the year. Probably because I won both races, but I would have liked it otherwise. I can't wait to do these races again next year.